Dr Hotak is a medical doctor turned serial social entrepreneur, philanthropist and young leader. He is driven by his unquenchable thirst to solve global problems that humanity and societies face. Dr Hotak is a strong tri-sector leader with extensive experience in the public, private and non-governmental sectors. As a serial entrepreneur, he is the Founder of British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Central and South Asia Business, London Partners Corporation, Afghanistan Investment Fund and Afghan Recruiter. He is a national and internationally renowned speaker in the media, think-tanks, academia, conferences and seminars.

Dr Hotak holds an MBChB in Medicine from Leeds Medical School and certificates in International Organization Management, Smart Business Growth, Entrepreneurship, Globalisation and Leadership.


Ms Atmar leads Afghana Foundation’s North America operations and comes from a strong background in investment management, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Having worked for Bank of America and Wells Fargo, she has extensive experience in real estate, stocks, bonds and investment funds management. Ms Atmar is currently the CEO of global consulting firm MAIH Group, director at the Afghanistan Investment Fund, London Partners Corporation and British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  

She has a BA in Psychology from George Mason University and accredited professional qualifications in accounting and banking management from American Institute of Banking  Investors.  


Mr Zia comes from a strong background in business, civil society, philanthropy, social and cultural affairs of Afghanistan. Mr. Zia is an expert on Afghanistan tribal, political, and business affairs having acted as senior advisor to Afghan Government ministers. Mr Zia has served as the Executive Director of the Afghan Craft Carpet Company, the Afghan Watan Construction Company, Hewad Educational, Agricultural and Rehabilitation Organization (HEARO) and currently also serves as the President of the Eastern Afghanistan Carpet Association. Furthermore, he is a prominent voice in Afghan Media and a known candidate in international business forums around the world on Afghanistan. He has been involved in numerous projects promoting civil society and democracy in Afghanistan. Mr Zia is one of the pioneers of the Beggar Women Project in Afghanistan. This project offers women shelter, food, and training in handcrafts to promote self-sufficiency.

Mr Zia’s never ending efforts to bring international investments into Afghanistan, strengthen partnerships between Afghanistan and the rest of the world, and transform the country into a modern 21st century state is a great asset to Afghana Foundation.


Mr Qazizada is a highly qualified management executive and comes from a strong background in the information technology sector. He has worked as a cyber security expert with global information technology firms such as Computer Science Corporation (CSC) and International Business Machines (IBM). He offers in-depth knowledge of information security, incident handling, compliance and audit, networking, system administration, security architecture, and forensic computing.

Furthermore, Mr Qazizda is the Director of Afghan Council of Great Britain, an advisory Board Member of British Afghan Chamber of commerce and Founding Director of Afghana Foundation. He holds a B.Sc in computing, an M.Sc in internet security and speaks six different languages.


Mr Sherzad is a talented and passionate business leader with over 10 years of experience in trade, sales and commerce. He has extensive experience in imports and exports, retail and farming industry. Mr Sherzad has been the visionary, business development and marketing mind behind the success of Sherzad Group of Companies.

He is an independent business consultant, an entrepreneur, a prominent member of the British Afghan community and member of the board of directors for Afghan Council of Great Britain.  He is fluent in English, Italian, Pashto, Dari and Urdu.


Mr Hotak is the co-founder of Hotak Healthcare and a pharmacist turned social entrepreneur and activist. He is committed to using his knowledge of science and pharmacy to improve people’s quality of life and contribute to making our communities healthier. Mr Hotak has extensive experience in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and entrepreneurship. He is a board member of Hotak Healthcare, International Business Tribune and London Partners Corporation.

He holds a Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) with honours from University of Bradford, United Kingdom.