Woman and child welfare

The experience of losing one or both parents to war, poverty and disease is one of the most traumatic in a child’s life. Millions of children become orphaned each year. According to UNICEF, there are:

  •  143 million orphans worldwide
  •  158 million children involved in child labour
  •  60 million child marriages
  •  300,000 child soldiers
  •  40 million children suffer from abuse and neglect
  •  2 million children exploited through prostitution and pornography
  •  150 million children work and live on streets

To prevent these harsh realities of life and provide an environment for such children to grow into responsible members of their communities, Afghana Foundation makes every possible effort to meet the physical, psychological and social needs of children affected by war, poverty and injustice. We provide shelter, educational aid, medical aid and food for children in our care.

The children in our care have either lost one or both parents, or the parents can not support the child due to a disability or extreme poverty. In some cases, children have lost their fathers and due to the cultural and religious restrictions on women in the society, mothers can not work or look for support openly in the community. In these cases, we provide vocational training to the mother and provide financial support for the child to meet the needs of the family.

The different programmes set up to support orphans, unaccompanied child refugees and street children are:

Orphanage based programme

Afghana Foundation aims to work closely with partner organisations to support the Imam Bukhari Orphanage in Jalalabad (Afghanistan), which is the biggest orphanage in the South of Afghanistan with about 500 orphans.

Family based programme

Afghana Foundation is currently supporting 25 orphans through family based programme. These children have lost their fathers to the current war and live with their mothers in their family houses provided by uncles or other relatives.

Unaccompanied refugee children programme

This program is mainly run in Britain and America, where unaccompanied refugee and asylum seeking children are helped through education and psychological support to integrate into society. We offer advice on health, education, accommodation and social security benefits as well as holding leisure activities for children to get to know other children from similar backgrounds and improve their physical and psychological health.

Just £1 ($1.50) a day is the cost to support an orphan