Emergency relief

When a disaster strikes humankind, it does not discriminate between the young and old, rich and poor or strong and frail. With increasing armed conflicts and natural disasters around the world, poor nations are far more likely to suffer than the rich. These disasters directly or indirectly claim the lives of millions of innocent individuals. Those who survive, are continuously haunted down by hunger, poverty and disease. They lose their homes and become internally displaced in their own countries or flee to become refuges in foreign lands.

Afghana Foundation is committed to providing emergency relief to people in such circumstances in the shortest possible time. Our emergency relief teams focus on preventing further loss of life by providing the basic necessities for human survival such as:

  • Food
  • Clean water
  • Temporary shelter
  • Toilet facilities
  • Emergency medical aid
  • Mini-financial grants to families

Every emergency relief programme is unique and different based on the needs of the population and the pre-emergency assessment. A typical programme consists of food packages containing wheat, rice, vegetable cooking oil, pulses, canned food, salt, sugar, high energy biscuits, dried milk, clean water tankers and other essential items. Tents are provided as immediate shelters with toilet facilities to reduce the risk of disease. First aid, vaccines, antibiotics and other medical supplies are provided to combat the threat and spread of communicable diseases. In some cases, small grants can be made to families, who have lost their breadwinners or those who are in dire need of financial assistance.

£100 ($160) can provide food package and blankets to a family