Educational aid

Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write. It is one of the most basic and essential skills to live and work in the modern world. There are more than 700 million illiterate adults and about 70 million children out of school. Of the total number of children out of school, 43 million children come from war-torn countries. Conflict is one of the biggest and most difficult barriers to education. It has been reported that denying education to children during conflict can result in children being at higher risk of military recruitment, sexual violence, prostitution and contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, they can be a destructive and destabilizing force in continuing the cycle of violence for generations.

It has also been reported that education can be a positive force towards bringing peace and preventing further conflicts. Most adults and children in poor and war torn countries, see education as a vital medium to get out of poverty and conflict.

It is in the light of such available evidence that Afghana Foundation works tirelessly to provide educational aid to children as well as adults in areas destroyed by war and poverty.

Some of the main projects that we support are as following:

  • Teacher training program
  • Vocational training project
  • Scholarships for poor university students
  • Library set up project
  • Laboratory upgrading for schools and universities
  • Encourage international school and university partnerships with schools and universities in war torn countries
  • Provision of chairs, tables and other essentials to academic institutions
  • Provision of books, uniform and other stationeries to poor students
  • Computer training centres
  • English language centres
  • Grants for low paid teachers
  • Grants for girls and poor children to increase attendance
  • Construction and rehabilitation of educational infrastructure
  • Community based education: importance of literacy
  • Provision of study kits for students with special needs

£50 ($80) a month can buy 30 children study kits