Capacity building and community developmen

Armed conflict destroys the social, medical, legal and welfare infrastructure of a community. Afghana Foundation works with such war-ravaged communities to take responsibility in becoming self-reliable and self-sufficient. Our programmes are designed to identify the problems of the community and work with the community to overcome these problems.

Our community development and capacity building projects vary a lot but some major projects that we support are:

  • Sewing machine & training
  • Hair dressing training and equipment
  • Carpet weaving training and equipment
  • Funding local craftsmanship
  • Fruit tree plantation program
  • Vegetable cultivation program
  • Modern farming technologies and expertise program
  • Tractors per village program
  • Transport for farming goods to the market project
  • Goat, lamb, sheep, cow, rabbit and poultry raising programmes
  • Bee colony project
  • Interest free loans to small business projects
  • Mini-hydroelectric power station program
  • Grants for community cohesion centres (mosques, churches & temples)
  • Grants for cultural and religious minorities to encourage diversity
  • Provide educational and medical aid
  • Women rights advocacy through male education
  • Cycles for the victims of landmine

£600 ($1000) will allow five women to start a small home based business