The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and forced return of refugees from Pakistan, Iran and Europe has internally displaced over 2.5 million people and has killed thousands of others.

It has been described as a humanitarian catastrophe and the biggest displacement of human population in recent years

The situation is likely to get worse with the worsening military operations and militant attacks.

The internally displaced people, who have been lucky enough to survive coalition military operations and militant brutality, have ended up with relatives or in tents in the border regions and most major cities.

These displaced people include:

  • Children
  • Women
  • Elderly
  • Disabled
  • Sick
  • Ethnic and religious minorities

The situation of the people in the camps is one of the worst in the world.

Thousands of children are suffering from starvation on daily basis and around 20% of the total population of people living in the camps are malnourished.

There is a severe shortage of doctors and medical supplies with increasing cases of mentali illnesses, cholera, malaria, scabies, hepatitis and other infectious diseases.

There is also huge shortage of clean water., leading to severe dehydration of the population and disease through consumption of contaminated water.

  • There is problem with Taliban
  • There is problem with a corrupt and weak Government
  • There is problem with medical and social welfare
  • On top of all this: personal & cultural Conflicts

The summers are too hot and winters too cold for the sick, old and frail members of this desperate community

Afghana Foundation has on the ground teams in close contact with individuals and organisations from the public, private and nonprofit sector, highly skilled in emergency and sustainable relief efforts on the ground.

Our understanding of the regional, cultural, lingual and religious values of the people makes our organisation unique in dealing and providing efficient relief to the affected people.



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