Afghanistan offers something to investors that many nations of the world cannot, a frontier virgin market, a country for impact investing that truly changes lives and a gateway to Central and South Asia.

These are the 10 reasons we believe you should invest in Afghanistan:

1. The Saudi Arabia of minerals and mining reserves, worth trillions.

2. The heart of Asia and a gateway to Middle-Eastern, Central, South and East Asian markets.

3. A virgin and unexplored marketplace: unrivalled advantages for first movers.

4. Limitless investment opportunities in sectors such as healthcare, retail, construction, mining, tech, logistics, oil, gas and much more.

5. Sky-high local demand for products and services, and huge neighbouring economies, China, India, Pakistan and Iran.

6. Abundantly available local raw material and cheap labour.

7. Low overheads and high profit margins.

8. A pro-investment government policy with excellent support.

9. A close partner of the international community with support from the world’s strongest coalitions, EU, NATO, America, India, China and Russia.

10.  Young and the fastest growing population in Asia.