The people of Afghanistan have been faced with a ruthless war, destruction and poverty For the past 36 years. Millions of people have been killed, entire villages destroyed, millions of people turned into homeless refugees, millions of women widowed, millions of children turned into orphans, millions maimed, millions dying of starvation and the country is faced with the world’s worst poverty, corrupt government and drugs addiction due to a future of hopelessness and despair.


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ElimHub: Bringing Higher Education to Afghan Youth

In the year 2012, almost 178,635 students successfully completed year/grade 12 in Afghanistan. About 145, 785 of these students sat the university entry test (Kankor) but only 42,692 got a university place. Another 135, 943, which is an unimaginable 76% of the students who successfully completed year 12 are left with their life-time of study, hopes and dreams in a limbo.

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Internally Displaced Persons Relief Appeal

The current conflict in the south of Afghanistan and northwest of Pakistan has internally displaced over 2.5 million people and has killed thousands of others. It has been described as a humanitarian catastrophe and the biggest displacement of human population in recent years.

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